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Throwing a party?

This can be a daunting task for anyone. We're here to ease that burden. Would you want to plan your own wedding? Probably not, the best part is showing up, everything just as you pictured, and actually enjoying yourself. Lets make that happen. 

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Date of Event
Even if you have never hired a catering company before, just let me know a range of what you were looking to spend. If you would rather not list, that's fine! We can chat about it during our meet & greet.
A brief description is fine. (Number of people, type of setting, type of food and length of the event, for example)

Looking to hire a chef? want some meals prepped?

Eating healthy shouldn't be a privilege. We can fix that. We don't have any pre-planned menus or click and choose meals. Every meal plan is custom made for each client, and his/her needs. Lets talk more, eh?

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