It's Minty, Bitch

This minty play on a Moscow mule is simple to make and it will get you the right amount of tilted just in time for Britney Spears’ upcoming VMA performance. Oh, and drink responsibly.


1 medium size lime

2 cups turbinado (raw cane) sugar – the brown sugar that is like bigger or some shit

2 cups cold water

1 big ass bunch of fresh spearmint (washed, and keep it soaking in ice cold water)

2 oz. Tito’s Vodka (or whatever vodka you prefer, I’d just make sure to stick with vodka)

1 small bottle of tonic water


1.     In a small pot, combine the cane sugar and the water and bring to a boil. Pour that mixture into a container and add in the spearmint. (Set 1-2 sprigs aside for garnish at the end)

2.     As the simple syrup is cooling down, in a shaker, combine the juice from half a lime, and 3-4 spearmint leaves. Muddle that until you start to see the leaves breaking up. Don’t pulverize them though; take your aggression out on something else.

3.     Add in 1 oz. of simple syrup, the 2 oz. of vodka and a handful of ice and shake that shit up real good.

4.     Fill up your choice of glass with ice (crushed, if possible) and pour your cocktail over the crushed ice. Top with your favorite tonic water (I used Fever Tree because I’m classy) and garnish with some sliced limes and a sprig or two of the spearmint and you’re off to the races.