Who, me?


A Long long time ago...

I was born. Not really though, it all depends what you think a long time ago is. '93 wasn't only the graduation year for the Saved By The Bell crew, but it also happened to be the year I was born. I know. Iconic. (*that's me in the middle of the picture by the way*)

I'm going to spare you of all the details in between then and now, but if you know one thing about my childhood it's that my grandfather owned one of, if not, the most popular restaurant in downtown Little Italy, Baltimore MD. So, it's pretty safe to say that I quite literally grew up in the hospitality industry. 

Fast forward a few more years and I'm graduating from an all boys private school and packing up my things to move to New York (not the city, there are other places there) to start my culinary school endeavor at the CIA in Poughkeepsie (po-kip-see, you're welcome). I graduated three years later not wanting to work in the restaurant industry right after school, which actually isn't all that weird now a days. There are literally thousands of jobs and careers you can pursue with a culinary degree. 

After graduating, I moved back home to Baltimore and started a food blog, with no title. I had a few options, but none really spoke to me. So I figured something more provoking would come to me. That following summer, my mom, grandfather and myself took a trip to Italy to visit some family members they haven't seen for years (and some I haven't even ever met). While in Porto S' Elpidio, our home town in Italy, I met my great aunt Liliahna. It literally sounds insane, but when I met her and was around her, I felt this aura, this sensation that she was radiating. She was absolutely filled with love, compassion and positivity and I have never met a single person who made me feel those feels. 

Flying home a few days later, it hit me that I had the title for my blog. Liliahna, in honor of the best person I have and most likely will ever meet. 

So, go head, enjoy yourself, love your life, and never take a day for granted.