Rosemary is great.

So, I recently figured out that a childhood friend of mine is a dope as shit graphic designer and I can't resist but to dedicate an article to her, because she's that frickin' cool. 

We started working together about two months ago now and she's been a dream. Now, I don't have many graphic designers to compare, but I know a good one when I see it. She is single handedly helping to bring liliahna to the next level and these next few months/next year is going to be iconic with what I have planned and what she is helping me achieve. If any of y'all reading this need any sort of graphic design help, she's your gal. No joke. 

I am going to throw in some test designs we are working on to give you a little sneak peek into what I am doing, and how good she is at her job. Oh, and if you want to hit her up for any personal or business projects of your own, here site is and she gets back to you basically instantly. Its incredible.