Liliahna & The West Coast

So, it's been quite a journey for "liliahna" over the past few months. Moved across coasts, worked some crazy jobs, and met some even crazier people, but all in all, it's been worth it. Now that I've said that, you gotta know this isn't going to be a bashing blog on SoCal. 

I am moving back to the east coast in the next few months, for good. Liliahna is growing and I only want it to grow where I feel most connected, and that isn't here. I don't know if that's because my family is thousands of miles away, or what, but whatever it is, is making me go back. Something I have realized about myself, and running this blog, and trying to sustain myself (and a dog) at the same time is pretty fucking difficult, because I refuse to post anything half-ass on liliahna or do anything in my life half-assed, so one of them has to suffer. Unfortunately that has been liliahna, which is not a thing anymore (hence, me deciding to move back). 

Brick and mortar is important to me, and something I know needs to happen; something I can't wait any longer to make happen. Don't get me wrong, the food scene out here is incredible, but its just the whole vibe of the people and the ambiance of SoCal itself that turns me off. The word fake comes to mind, but thats just me. 

I'm devoting more of myself to liliahna (both the site, and other ventures happening) and its something I can't wait for everyone to see. So, prepare for more content, more food porn, more everything. Wasting time ain't fun, and who wants to keep doing un-fun things? Not this bitch.