5 Times Broad City was Food Goals

Before I even get into this, if you haven't seen or heard of Broad City, I've lost a little trust in you. You need to let it enter you. Get yourself a hulu subscription or whatever you need and get your life. It's seriously iconic and low key life changing. 

Now, there are quite a few episodes and scenes that are more than gasp worthy, but some of the scenes and writing that accompanied it having to do with food are unreal. Rating from Ilana's full front tooth snapping off from a jawbreaker, to Abbi punting a rotisserie chicken on a desolate NYC shipping house. 



1) We have all been there. Using a utensil for something that it seriously isn't intended for. Whether its because of our inherent laziness or just poor financial responsibility in purchasing actual utensils. Ilana, we thank you for making this seem okay. 

2) Letting anger build up ain't good hon, and Abbi is a huge culprit, as I'm sure a bunch of you all reading this are too. I mean, sure, avoiding confrontation can be fun, and bottling things up may be a hobby of yours, but let it get too far and you will be taking your angry out on the closest piece of poultry and thats just disrespect. 

3) Jawbreakers are one of those things that have stood the test of time and are and will forever be relevant. Relevant for not only the one piece of candy that can last you all day, unless you're some kind of insane sucker (congrats on that btw). Broken teeth and jaws and bitten tongues are not uncommon. Enter, Ilana.  

ilana tooth.gif

4) Wait, back to the desolate ship house in NYC real quick. Y'all remember Garol? F*cking iconic character. That's all. 

5) Let's end it off with one of my favorite scenes out of the whole damn show. Ilana and the garbage full of NY bagels. I mean, I can honestly say I have never done that, but I can't honestly say that I won't one day. 

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