The first of many

So, liliahna's first pop up happened this past weekend, and it was fucking fantastic (excuse my language). Seriously though, like, it went so well and I am so excited to talk about it.

The space I rented out for the night is super aesthetic as it is. The modern chic quilted pattern on the booth runs all the way up the wall and onto the ceiling which is complimented by the industrial riveted steel surrounding walls and single bulb hanging lamps going down the center of the dining room. It's not huge by any means, we only had 12 people come and it felt full. Not too full though, just enough people that when someone would walk by they would know, the place is lit. 

Now, I am not really sure what made me think I was going to be able to fund this whole shin dig, already being broke, but I made it happen and that's gotta speak to something, right? It was so worth it. It sparked and renewed my passion for the industry and it brought to my attention that what I need to do, is to open my own place. 

Back to the pop up though, I'll get back to that later. The menu was dope. It was not only super simple on my end, but so frickin delicious. If you haven't seen what it was yet, then you obviously don't follow me on Instagram, which now brings up something else we need to talk about first, so I won't get into that. (Hint hint, go follow me // @liliahnaa) From start to finish, it was pretty amazing. All the courses flowed so well into one another and eased all the guests into the next one, always wanting more.


Now, my place. I have such a clear image of what I want it to look like. More clear than anything else I have ever wanted or needed in my life, it's weird as shit. Like I've found myself dreaming about it and waking up super pissed that that's not a thing yet. So here I am, telling you, that it's going to be a thing, and this isn't one of those whimsical feelings that pass with time. I've been wanting this for a while now and have refrained from mentioning it to people in fear of that feeling fading away. It hasn't, like at all. It has only become stronger as the days pass by and it's become all I can think about. So, if you're a fan of liliahna, keep following along as I can assure you I will be posting updates and fun little thingies throughout my journey. (Also, super random side note; but if you haven't watched the "Maron" Netflix series yet, watch it. Super motivating, in a super weird way). 

Anyways, thank you all, seriously, so much. From the bottom of my heart. I know my following isn't huge by any means, but to see that I have people who are genuinely interested in what I do and want to see liliahna grow as much as I do is so surreal. 

Stay real y'all.