All things italian

Well, most. 

Liliahna & The West Coast 

So, it's been quite a journey for "liliahna" over the past few months. Moved across coasts, worked some crazy jobs, and met some even crazier people, but all in all, it's been worth it. Now that I've said that, you gotta know this isn't going to be a bashing blog on SoCal.

10 times broad city was too real

Now, there are quite a few episodes and scenes that are more than gasp worthy, but some of the scenes and writing that accompanied it having to do with food are unreal. Rating from Ilana's full front tooth snapping off from a jawbreaker, to Abbi punting a rotisserie chicken on a desolate NYC shipping house. 

How to: Eat Italy

It's different. For real. Well, you know what I mean. Obviously you still eat with your damn mouth, but the times are all backwards and what they eat, when they eat it, is quite different. Italians, most of them at least (not tryna generalize), place a heavy emphasis on the food in their life. A lot of the time, I noticed, that they aren't eating to live, but rather, living to eat. Which is frickin' amazing. 

Pop ups: The first of many

The space I rented out for the night is super aesthetic as it is. The modern chic quilted pattern on the booth runs all the way up the wall and onto the ceiling which is complimented by the industrial riveted steel surrounding walls and single bulb hanging lamps going down the center of the dining room. It's not huge by any means, we only had 12 people come and it felt full. Not too full though, just enough people that when someone would walk by they would know, the place is lit.