Not Another TV Chicken Dinner

Before we even get into this, this is going to be one of the more difficult recipes I have posted, but you all have stuck with me for this long, so I believe in ya, for the most part. If something goes horribly wrong though, we don’t know each other.


½ pound of chicken thighs (fresh, not frozen, if possible)

1 small white onion sliced

1 red bell pepper cored and sliced (don’t chop up that seedy shit in the middle)

1 yellow bell pepper cored and sliced (are you gonna make me type it again?)

1 small lemon, sliced into evenly thin slices

3-4 sprigs of fresh (not dried) Thyme

1 stick of some real ass butter, not that hydrogenated oil bullshit



1.     Preheat dat oven to 450 degrees puhlease.

2.     First thing you want to do is get a pan you’re comfortable cooking/searing the chicken in. Preferably a cast iron skillet, but anything heavy or with grill rows (or whatever the hell they’re called) will work too.

3.     Drizzle some EVOO in the heavy pan you’re using and heat that shit up real hot, like real real hot, but if it starts smoking, take it off the heat and let it cool down. (fun fact – the smoking point of EVOO is low af, so be careful that you don’t leave it too high or the oil will burn and that don’t taste good)

4.     Season the thighs with salt and pepper and once the pan is hot, place them in and if you don’t hear a sizzle then you doing something wrong.

5.     As those are cooking, put the peppers and onions and ¼ stick of butter into another deeper pan and let them sit and stir them every few minutes.

6.     Turn over the chicken after 5-6 minutes and layer on the lemon slices, thyme and some slices of butter (like ½ stick sliced up or sumtin) and slide that shit into the pre heated oven to cook for 15 or so minutes

7.     Everything is pretty easy at this point, make sure the chicken ain’t pink, the peppers and onions are flaccid (I hate that word a lot but it worked so well) and you’re all set.

8.     Plate that shit up however you like and chow down, you da bomb. I knew you could do it. Have yourself a drink.