Baby Chick Meat and Greet

I know, the title is weird as fuck. Cut me some slack, its midnight here and I’m half asleep/half super motivated to get this shit done. So, that’s what ya get. It’s a pretty simple recipe, but god bless these somewhat free states, it is damn delicious.


1 NY strip steak (don’t skimp, get a good ass looking steak)

2-3 eggs…or really however many you want, fuck, eat 2 dozen if you want to

1 sprig/twig/stick/wand of fresh rosemary

¼ cup of balsamic vinegar

¼ cup evoo

Salt and peppah


1.     Get yourself a Ziploc bag. Big enough to fit the whole steak, and if the whole steak fits in a sandwich size bag, get off this website.

2.     Put the steak, balsamic vinegar, evoo, rosemary and a little salt and peppah into the bag. Give the bag a massage and make sure all the shit in there gets combined and becomes one with the steak.


Trippy Tip of the day – when you’re marinating a piece of meat, put it into the fridge underneath something that has some weight to it, like that half a cake that’s left over from your binging sesh last night.


3.     Let the meat sit for at least half an hour to an hour, don’t let it sit over night though. It’ll ruin the top layer of the steak.

4.     Cook your steak. I mean, ideally, on a grill, but if you’re doing this in the morning I doubt you gonna have the willpower to get your ass outside and grill, so a pan on the stove is fine too.

5.     I don’t like to waste cuts of steak, so I’ll cook it to a nice rare-medium rare but if you and Donny Trump like throwing money down the toilet, go ahead and cook it to a nice shade of grey. 

6.     Now for the eggs, cook them how you like em, but I usually do a nice sunny side up to go on top.

7.     Assemble, and eat. Super easy. You’re welcome. 

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