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Peep some ribs I spared in Italy

I didn't actually spare anything in Italy, I went all out there This is a cheeky little italian style spare rib recipe I love

Liliahna & The West Coast

So, its been quite a journey for "liliahna" over the past few months. Cross country move and a lot of time spent realizing things. 


5 times Broad City wrecked me with their food scenes. Like, seriously wrecked. 

G.A.P Pomodoro **Giant Ass Penne** 

The pop-up was great & all, but we have to move on. 

This past weekend was absolutely sublime, amazing, and any other word that means that same shit. It opened my eyes to what I really want to do, but that's neither here nor there at the moment. So lets get back to what this site is about. Making dope as shit recipes that won't only fill your little tummy but make it hurt from all the giggling (hopefully that's the only thing). Buckle up, and keep up.  In the meantime, enjoy these pictures from the event that you all decided to miss. Thanks. 

The final menu is here, and its going to be so dope. I'm incredibly excited. 

Click the pic, buy a tick(et). There is still time & tickets left. 

Risotto alla' Good shit - the title speaks for itself. 

liliahna was seen in Downtown SD and catered a private NYE event

2017 is going to be a big year for liliahna, try and trust me on this one. 

 David Monteagudo

David Monteagudo

I got some big plans for liliahna this upcoming year, and it's going to be wild. I'm not one to divulge much more than that, but ideas are coming to life and what's more alive than veggies and herbs that have been picked? (<-- joke) 

Meet my Holiday Meat *platter*

liliahna is coming to life, and you need to be a part of it. *stay tuned*  

I'm coming back soon, promise. 

So, it’s been a while since I have posted anything, and I’m sorry, but I have had some stuff going on, ya know? Let me give you some of the back story just so this isn’t one of those ‘in media res’ shits. I hate them. I’ve lived on the east coast all my life, like I haven’t been more west of Arkansas, but lets not talk about that forbidden state. I was living in New York for a few years, and when I say New York, I don’t mean the city, it’s a big ass state. I was a little upstate, called Poughkeepsie. Pretty dope little town if I’m being honest. 

I’m rambling, and this is a food blog, not a memoir, so long story short, I just recently drove across the country with no plans and am currently living in San Diego. I’m still getting everything settled and shit, but I’m so much closer to that state of mind than I was a few weeks ago. I am going to start posting again starting in December in time for the holiday season and I am going to be putting up some teasers on the site and Instagram over the next few days to get all your juju going. Anyways, stay happy and don’t let the world (or our country at the moment) get ya down. We’ve all made it through worse, right? There is so much love everywhere, especially now, don’t hide yourself from it, and if you think you can’t find some, just go to your fridge. It’s there I promise. 

Much love, 

One pot stop 

Pay no attention to the booty in this picture. I know you're staring. 

Apple Bottom Seeds, Arugula with the Brie

One of the most fun recipes I have made in a while, if you know what I mean. 

#VirtualPumpkinParty 2K16

A party I will never forget. 

The Golden Shower

This champagne cocktail is fancy as shit and its bound to impress.

True Life: Yeast Addiction 

These doughnuts will get you there. So much quicker than your ex.

Corn Star

Make this recipe the star of your evening, if you know what I mean.  


The most flamboyant Pad Thai you'll ever meet. 

Gay Trout Realness

I did a thing! A new thing! Check out this dope video I made of the most recent recipe for Dinnah. Serving: Gay Trout Realness 

So, here you are at LILAHNA. You somehow stumbled your way onto this, may I say, fucking gorgeous Baltimore MD based site full of Italian recipes, from whatever other lifestyle/food website. Yeah, I know, there are a ton of Italian food blogs out there, but stick around for a bit and you'll find a needle in a haystack. Also, this is a funny blog. Plain and simple. 

You came to the right place. For once. Liliahna is all about 2 major things. Ease of preparation with healthy Italian ingredients to help you find your way around that lonely ass kitchen of yours and teaching you some basic skills in the kitchen, my way. I will say now, I am a huge advocate against the widely renowned “food comas” and my recipes are an extension of that. Yes, you could multiply that bitch three or four times and eat it all for your fat ass self but its meant to be just the right amount to fill you up, but at the same time, have a longer lasting effect so you aren’t elbow deep in the pantry thirty minutes later.

Stay classy, Internet.