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Liliahna was born out of a passion for food, humor, and Italy. I'm here to try and find as many solutions as possible to as many issues that you encounter on a daily basis whether it be in your kitchen, or trying to decide on a cute spot for a meal. Lets make you (and everyone else) friends with their kitchen because cooking is easy, and I shouldn't be sitting here saying that. I am most likely in debt for the rest of my life because of my enrollment & graduation from one of the best culinary schools in the world. 

Parooze around, click about, scroll for days. That's what this is here for. Need some inspo for a dinner night you're having? How about some honest as heck reviews on restaurants in your area? Don't feel like leaving your house and don't feel like cooking? We cater & do private dinners too! Oh, and we also run a independently owned deli in Hunt Valley, MD if you want to get a better feel for us, food wise. 

We cover a lot, I know. I accept your compliment. Get in touch with us here or go on a visit our sister site (the deli) right here @ Three Dog Deli

We pride ourselves on the incredible more intimate dinner parties we create. It's like extreme-makeover, dinner edition. We will quite literally transform your dinner space into an incredible restaurant nook with the food to match and our top priority is making it an unforgettable night. We do love the bigger events that we get, but it's just a completely different ballgame when we can hyper focus on every single detail of the party, including each & every guest and their specific preferences. Have something coming up that you think fits this criteria? Let's chat. I know we can make it incredible. 


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